What are home code violations, exactly? Code Enforcement is often called for eyesores or health and safety violations. Whether it’s something as simple as overgrown grass and junk in the front yard or a more serious problem like a collapsing roof, it needs to be remedied. These housing violations can lead to expensive fines if not fixed. Learn more about what common violations are and how to avoid them in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQs: What Are Home Code Violations, Penalties, and More

FAQ #1: What Are Home Code Violation Notices?

Wondering what are home code violations? Home codes refer to a set of standards for residential properties. If you receive a code violation for your home, it means that something about your home does not meet the standard.

Examples of home code violations include:

  • Overgrown grass/lawn
  • Junk in front yard
  • Excessive noise
  • Blight
  • RV parked in street, detached from tow vehicle
  • Collapsed roof
  • No heat, hot water, or required utilities
  • Unsanitary premises

what are home code violations

FAQ #2. Can I Find Out Who Called Code Enforcement?

Now that you know what are housing code violations, you may be wondering how to find out who called Code Enforcement on you. However, Code Enforcement complaints are anonymous.

FAQ #3: How Much Are Code Violation Penalties?

Moving on to the cost of home code violations. If you do not appeal the violation or fix the problem, you may incur fees, depending on the infraction. Ignoring Code Enforcement notices, can get pricey. You will continue to receive notices, and possibly fees if the home code violation is not remedied.

Often, violations are quick fixes, such as mowing the lawn, or getting rid of rubbish. Hire someone to fix the problem if it is outside of your capabilities, or you can sell your home as-is if it has gotten out of hand.

Below is an outline of building code violation penalties and costs:

  1. A monthly monitoring fee of $305 is imposed in addition to a $400 enforcement response fee for each time a building inspector is called.
  2. A penalty up to $1,000 is imposed for the first violation and up to $5,000 for every 30 days for every subsequent violation.
  3. Fees will continue to accrue until the code case is closed.

To find more specific information on the cost of home code violations in Sacramento, visit the Fees and Charges Search online.

FAQ #4: How Do I Resolve a Violation Notice?

When home owners contemplate what are home code violations, they often ask can you fight Code Enforcement. There are a few options for resolving a violation notice or ‘fighting Code Enforcement’:

  1. You may appeal a violation through an Appeals and Hearing Process.
  2. You can fix the problem for which you were cited.
  3. You can sell your house for cash, (no repairs needed) to a company such as 800-Buy-Kwik home buyers.

Don’t let questions like what are home code violations keep you up at night. When you’re armed with the facts, you can make the best decision for you and your property and stay violation-free.