Do you have a home with boarded-up windows, or are considering boarding them to protect your home from vandals while it’s vacant? You may want to think twice before doing so. While it’s OK to have your home in this state for a short period of time, you may face a code violation if you leave it for too long. We’re here to answer your most pressing question: “can the city fine me for boarded windows Sacramento, CA?”

Code Violation FAQ: Can The City Fine Me for Boarded Windows Sacramento

FAQ #1: Can I have Boarded Windows in Sacramento?

Is it OK to have boarded windows in Sacramento? Yes, but with some conditions. The first and most important thing to remember is you’re only allowed to have your home’s windows boarded for 30 days. Why is this the case?

After 30 days, the City of Sacramento could consider your home vacant or abandoned. To avoid the property from becoming overgrown, blighted, or dangerous, the owner must pay a monitoring fee to the city.

FAQ #2: Can the City Fine Me For Boarded Home Windows?

To address the question, “can the city fine me for boarded windows Sacramento,” the short answer is yes. Once your home is boarded up for more than 30 days, the vacant property can be cited as a public nuisance.

Often, neighbors will report boarded homes as a nuisance to the city since blighted homes can drive down the value of surrounding homes in the neighborhood. If code enforcement has inspected your home and has deemed it as not up to code, you will receive a notice and fine requesting you correct the violations.

The fine for boarded home windows Sacramento can cite can vary. These are the current citation fees as of 2021:

  • Monthly Monitoring Fee: $305
  • Enforcement Response Fee (per visit): $400
  • First Violation Fee: up to $1,000
  • Subsequent Violation Fees: up to $5,000 every 30 days

is it ok to have boarded windows in Sacramento

FAQ #3: What Do I Do If I Receive a Code Violation Notice About Boarded Windows?

Now that you know the answer to the big question, “can the city fine me for boarded windows Sacramento,” you’ll need to know the next steps if you face a violation. First and foremost, do not ignore a home code violation, or you could face major consequences.

So what are your options if you receive a notice for your boarded-up home? We recommend that you explore the following to figure out the best option for you and your situation:

  1. Pay the Fees – It’s not a good idea to ignore code violation fees, or else you could face legal action. Once those are taken care of, you should consider your options to correct the problem before any other fees are incurred.
  2. Remove the Boards – The simplest solution is to do as the city requests and remove any plywood and boards from the windows on your home. If this isn’t conducive to your situation, you may need to explore other options.
  3. Sell House as-is Sacramento – If you’re unable to get your home up to code due to boarded windows and other code violations, you may face a multitude of fines. The best way to avoid more penalties is selling your home to a Home Buyer like 800-Buy-Kwik. We make selling a distressed home fast and easy!