Homeownership has its perks, but sometimes the maintenance can get a bit overwhelming. This is especially true with yard work and landscaping. But did you know that if your yard is getting a little out of hand, you may have some trouble from the city? You may be wondering, “Can the city fine me for overgrown landscaping in Sacramento?” This guide will discuss the details you need to know.

Code Violation FAQ: Can The City Fine Me For
Overgrown Landscaping in Sacramento?

Before we dive into the details on what happens if you don’t mow your lawn or maintain your yard, we want to answer your most pressing question: can the city fine me for overgrown landscaping in Sacramento? Yes, there is a city fine for not cutting grass that exceeds a certain length. Read on to find out the exact details surrounding these rules.

What are Sacramento County’s Weed Abatement Standards?

While landscaping to improve curb appeal is a big plus, there are other factors at play that should encourage you to keep your front and backyard well-maintained. Sacramento County has strict standards when it comes to grass length, weed abatement, and junk. This includes the following:

  • Weeds and grass can be no higher than 12″ tall.
  • Junk and other debris are not allowed.
  • Dangerous items or substances are not allowed.
  • Gardens are allowed and not regulated.

The reasons behind these regulations are to prevent dangerous overgrowth that could become a fire hazard or other danger. Unfortunately, it also could devalue surrounding homes.

what happens if you don't mow your lawnHow Will I Know if I’m in Violation?

So, can the city fine me for not maintaining landscaping Sacramento County? Yes, and you will be informed if you are in violation. Also, if a neighbor complains about your overgrown yard, you can expect to hear from the County.

Usually, you’ll receive a notice and fine in the mail. However, if the specific code violation is considered a priority, code enforcement may request to inspect your property.

What Happens if I Ignore the Weed Abatement Violation Notice?

Another way you may receive a code violation notice is from annual inspections. For example, if you have not completed yard work by April 15th, code enforcement may contact you requesting you bring your yard up to the County standard.

It’s not wise to ignore a weed abatement violation notice as it can come with a hefty price. Fines for overgrown landscaping can reach up to $1,500 plus any related costs from the Sacramento Fire Department.

However, if you don’t have the time or resources to deal with an overgrown yard, contact 800-Buy-Kwik to sell your home fast. You can save time and money selling your home fast for cash instead of dealing with the County and paying hefty fines.