Owning a home can be stressful enough when you consider home repair costs and upkeep. However, it gets that much harder when you receive a code violation notice. If you’re unlucky enough to get one of these, one of the biggest questions on your mind is likely, “Can code enforcement enter my backyard in Sacramento?” We’ll answer this question, plus other FAQs to ensure you maintain your rights when dealing with a violation.

FAQ: Can Code Enforcement Enter My Backyard in Sacramento?

Why Is Code Enforcement Inspecting My Property?

Before diving into the answer to, “can code enforcement enter my backyard in Sacramento?” it’s good to know why code enforcement wants to inspect your property in the first place. Most likely, a complaint was filed by someone else in the neighborhood. If your property in unmaintained, a nuisance, or potentially dangerous, neighbors can file a complaint which can trigger a response from the city.

In Sacramento County, a Code Enforcement Officer will conduct an inspection within 72 hours for priority violations. If the violation is less severe, they will send an advisory letter in the mail with a 30 day noticed to fix the problem. Common house code violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Overgrown grass/lawn
  • Junk in the front yard
  • RV parked in street, detached from a tow vehicle
  • Collapsed roof
  • No heat, hot water, or required utilities
  • Unsanitary premises

can code enforcement enter property without permission

Can Code Enforcement Enter My Backyard?

So, can code enforcement enter property without permission? No, but with some conditions. It’s good to know code enforcement and property rights, and the bottom line is a Code Enforcement Officer must have permission to enter your property. Can code enforcement trespass Sacramento County? No, but if you deny them access, they can gain permission with a warrant from the County Counsel.

While this may seem like a violation of your property rights, the answer to, “can code enforcement come on my property?” is yes, but only with your permission or a proper warrant from the County.

What Can I Do To Avoid Future Inspections?

If you’ve received a notice or have already been subject to an inspection, you’re probably wanting to avoid any further actions from the County. You do have a few options to avoid another inspection. The most obvious is to fix the issue within 30 days of the violation notice or inspection.

However, it can be quite cumbersome to fix the issue, depending on the severity of the violation. If extensive repairs are needed, or permits are required to remedy the problem, the costs can build up. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible for everyone to be able to afford these fixes, in addition to the hefty fines that can accompany them.

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