When you’re in the market to sell your home, you want to know the costs of selling your house and how much you can actually get for it. Some costs may be marginal whereas others may be downright prohibitive. Let’s consider some details to help determine what your bottom line needs to be.

Top 3 Costs of Selling Your House

Here are three common factors to consider when selling becomes imminent. We’ll address important details that will help you understand how the costs of selling your house may add up.

Cost #1 – Repairs

Buyers will often require their purchase offer to be contingent upon repairs being made by the seller. Likely culprits are roofs needing repair/replacement, HVAC or plumbing repairs, water damage, mold, and more. The majority of homebuyers obtain loans that prohibit purchasing a house with these kinds of major repairs listed as-is.

Bottom line – repair costs can quickly bury a sellers profit. Selling to an investment firm like 800-BUY-QUIK is a fast way to sell your house without generating further costs- after all, there are no costs in selling to us!

You may be wondering how to sell a house that needs repairs. If you don’t have the resources to make repairs on the house you intend to sell, or maybe you just need to get it off your hands, you have options! Selling a house as-is may be the fastest and easiest way to boost your pocketbook without the headache of renovating the house first.

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Cost #2 – Commission & Realtor Fees

Realtors collect about 6% in commissions. This is usually split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. If you sell the house yourself, you still need to pay the commission for the buyer’s agent. In addition, closing costs need to be paid to complete the sale of the house. Although these fees are sometimes split between buyer and seller, a seller will often need to pay all closing costs as an incentive for a house that needs repairs.

Realtor Fees: Many realtors waive marketing and listing fees, but some do charge for these services, any may charge a higher fee for premium services.

Commission and realtor costs come out of the sale price, reducing what you take away from the sale.

Cost #3 – Time

A precious commodity in selling your house is TIME. Every day you hold onto that house you are responsible for mortgage, property taxes, and the potential for further repairs to make themselves known. As the costs of selling your house rise, your time to sell narrows. The process of selling your house for cash eliminates a lot of hassle and can be done in as little as a few days.

How to Avoid These Costs

Knowing how to sell a house that needs repairs, reducing unnecessary fees, and saving precious time is the name of the game here. The costs of selling your house can be simplified best by selling as-is, with no further hassle, and let the buyer do what they will. If you want to avoid costs and sell your home fast, 800-BUY-QUIK is at your service.