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Was a pleasure working with RC and 800 Buy Kwik
I recently sold some properties using 800 Buy Kwik Inc. and it was a great experience from beginning to end.  After meeting with traditional real estate agents prior to listing the properties,  a friend gave me the name of RC, representing  800 Buy Kwik Inc.  He offered a cash Offer with competitive prices and an expedited closing process. He was very professional and responsive from the time we met until the sale was final, and was sensitive to ensuring a seamless transition for our existing tenants.  It truly was a pleasure working with RC and 800 Buy Kwik Inc.   When I sell property in the future, they will definitely be my first stop! – L. Bohamera

Facing Foreclosure
“Having gone through an unsettling divorce and facing foreclosure on my home life seemed to be closing in on me. Not being sure what to do I contacted 800-BUY-KWIK. The BuyKwik team was sympathetic to my situation and understood my needs. He made me a fair offer on my home, and also helped me formulate a game plan with the resources I had at my disposal. My interaction with 800-BUY-KWIK allowed me to transition from my past troubles into a new life.” -J. Manard

Wanted an Honest Company
“800-BUY-KWIK is a company of honesty and integrity. They did exactly what they said they would do and in the time frame they said they would do it. Thanks 800-BUY-KWIK for being so honest and solving my problem so quickly.”-Alice Johnson

Frustrated Landlord with Run-Down House
“I was sick and tired of my tenant problems and my run-down rental property. Not only did 800-BUY-KWIK not require me do any repairs or clean up, they even helped me get rid of an awful tenant that I was tired of dealing with. Thanks 800-BUY-KWIK for being there when I needed you.” – Cynthia Monroe

Title Work Issues
“Selling the old family house was only possible because 800-BUY-KWIK was able to locate my brother who we had not seen in years. The house was sold and we got some money we thought we would never see. Thanks 800-BUY-KWIK for doing what it takes to get the job done.”-Harold Smith

Wanted to Stop Foreclosure
“It was just a couple of weeks away before my house was to be foreclosed on. I knew I was going to lose my house, but I did not want a foreclosure on my credit record. 800-BUY-KWIK saved the day by coming in and buying my house before the foreclosure took place. I now look forward to purchasing another home in a few months when I get back on my feet and I will be able to do that thanks to 800-BUY-KWIK”-Rebecca Griffith

I Was in Need of a Buyer for my Home
“It was a time sensitive issue, for property w/lien issues. I had already dealt with two different scammers trying to fraud my family out of the title of our home. I was running out of time. I contacted1800 buykwik. The process was genuine and secure. RC got right to work! He quoted me offers and explained everything from beginning to close of escrow! AND..HE CAME THRU 2 DAYS EARLIER THAN WE EXPECTED-WITH OUR CASH!!.ESCROW. WAS FAST AND A TRUSTED NAME. IVE KNOWN SINCE. I WAS A KID!” -THANK YOU RC, & JOE..& 1-800 BUY KWIK-YOU GUYS SAVED US! -David Bishop

Wanted Liens Cleared
“I inherited an old house from my parents but it had some liens that I thought would keep me from being able to ever sell it. 800-BUY-KWIK and their Title Company had to do a lot of work but we got it sold. I want to say a big THANK YOU to 800-BUY-KWIK for going the extra mile to help me out of a bad situation”- Norma Fowler

Needed Quick Sale
“800-BUY-KWIK made us a cash offer on the day we called them and we had our cash in just a few days! Thanks 800-BUY-KWIK for being there when we needed you.”-Rene Fogerty

Had a Three Day Pay or Quit Notice
“RC went above and beyond his responsibility for selling my dad’s house; when I told him I received a three day pay or quit notice where I live, he did everything in his power to help save my place. I have never had someone so kind hearted help me like he has. He worked on things even when he and his family where on vacation, RC is an amazing man and this company is very very lucky to have him!! If there was a way for me to be convincing enough to give him a raise or bigger bonus I would be getting that for him, especially since he’s still working on things with our property… After the first realtor company we went through was so rude and disrespectful, this was a 1,000% turn around and better experience, thank you for employing people like him!”
-Melanie Murray

Excellent Listening and Communication Skills
My first contact at (800-Buy-Kwik) was with “RC” who met with me the same day. “RC” has excellent listening and communication skills and he works with you to accomplish your home sale goals without any pressure. He earns your trust and knows his business. He made the process so easy and dealt with every aspect of the sale professionally but more important… honorably. My sale with “rent back” agreement was invaluable to me in reaching my New Home purchase goal. I feel VERY fortunate to have worked with someone of such impeccable integrity and consistent follow-through on everything. Thank You “RC” & 800-Buy-Kwik.
-Constance M.

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