Creditors today are more tenacious than ever, and they’ll do anything in their power to collect, including putting a lien on your property. You may be wondering though, can you sell a house with a tax lien on it? If so, what is the process like, and what are my options? The answer may be simpler than you think!

Can You Sell a House with a Tax Lien?

We hear this question all the time, and the answer is both no and yes. Refinancing or selling your home through a traditional real estate listing won’t be possible, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

can you sell a house with a tax lien

What is a Tax Lien?

A tax lien is a common way for creditors to collect by putting a notice on your property stating you owe money. The problem is that to sell your home; you need to have a clear title. Having a lien on your home makes your title unclear until you pay it off in full.

Creditors realize this is a cheap, easy way to collect because sooner or later, you have to get out from under the lien. If you go too long without paying off your property, you could end up losing your home.

How to Pay Off Your Lien

There are several different ways you can try to pay off your lien, or at least lower your property taxes.

Pay Off the Lien Yourself

Try to create a saving and budgeting plan using assistance from a professional financial advisor who has experience dealing with liens. The sooner you pay off your debt, the fewer fees, penalties, and interest you’ll owe.

Reevaluate Your Property

The best way to at least reduce your property taxes is to have a property appraiser reevaluate your home. Small details can change the appraisal value, so you need it to be as accurate as possible.

Get a Tax Loan

We don’t recommend going this route, but if you’re in serious danger of losing your home to a lien auction, you might consider getting a tax loan to get over the hump. Try to avoid replacing one debt with another though.

how to sell a house with a tax lien

How to Sell a House with a Tax Lien

There’s only one way to sell your house when there’s a tax lien on it, and that to sell it as-is to an experienced, knowledgeable home buyer who will pay cash and take on what’s owed for you. If you go this route, not only will you be out from under the lien, but you also won’t have to invest more money into costly repairs, inspections, realtor fees, and more. And the best part is, the whole process will be completed in just days!

So don’t live with the stress of property debt for another second when you can call 800-Buy-Kwik, the area’s number one cash-for-homes buyer. And the next time someone you hear someone ask, “Can you sell a house with a tax lien?” you’ll know where to send them!