If you’re relocating or buying a home in Fresno, you’ll be happy to learn that Fresno is actually an affordable place to live if you play your cards right (and buy in the right neighborhood). Real estate values in Fresno are considerably lower than most other large California cities.

According to the most recent US Census, the population of Fresno is 515,986, making it the fifth largest city in California just after San Francisco. As with any city, Fresno has its good and no-so-good traits—with affordable real estate at the top of the “good” list.

With 171,288 housing units as of 2010, there are plenty of places to call home. Home values range considerably by neighborhood, but the median home value is $175,600 with monthly mortgage costs at $1,505. Compared to other large California cities, this is extremely affordable. (Take San Francisco, for instance, where the median home value is $765,700! Now that makes living in Fresno seem pretty tempting, eh?)

Real Estate Values Fresno CA

Stats for Fresno Real Estate Values

  • Median Home Value $175,600
  • Median Mortgage $1,505
  • Median Gross Rent $890
  • Median Income $41,455

3 Best Websites to Find Homes for Sale in Fresno

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