If you have been thinking about selling your home, you probably heard that it’s best to wait until spring. Many people think of the spring as the best time to sell their home because people are not overwhelmed with the holidays. Plus, school is just coming to an end in the spring, making it the ideal time to relocate your family. If you want to sell your house before the holidays, here’s how to do it fast.

Here’s How to Sell Your House Fast Before the Holidays

Take Advantage of Less Competition

One of the biggest perks of selling your home right before or during the holiday season is less competition. In general, most people wait until spring to list their homes. What this means for you is that there are going to be fewer houses for buyers to look at, increasing the competition in your favor.

Buyers who are looking at homes during the holidays are considered more serious buyers. After all, open houses might be fun to look at in your spare time on a warm spring day, but who has any spare time during the cold, rainy holiday season?

Since there will be less competition, you’ll want to leave room for negotiation. Buyers also realize that less competition means that you’re likely getting fewer offers. Be sure to give yourself some wiggle room in case buyers want to negotiate the asking price, inspections, or closing costs.

Appeal to Motivated Buyers

Like we said, buyers are motivated during the holiday months. Be sure that you’re available for motivated buyers by setting convenient open house times, and be flexible with your showing times. Be available to show your home in the evening and on weekends. You want buyers to see your home first!

Great Home Staging

If you are going to sell your home before the holidays, you must entice prospective buyers with great home staging. Holidays are all about gathering together with family and friends, enjoying time by the fireplace, and baking. If you are showing your home in the colder months, increase your curb appeal with seasonal displays (like fall or winter reefs and outdoor decor).

Also, turn the heat up! When you’re showing your home, it’s no time to be stingy with the thermostat. You want the house to have a warm and cozy feel. Have something baking in the oven or burn a seasonally scented candle to add ambiance.

Also follow the standard home staging tips you would during any season.

If you need to sell your house fast during the holidays and don’t want to hassle with a traditional sell, consider contacting a cash investor. Our cash investors make cash offers on homes in less than 24 hours and can have money in your hand in less than 5 days. Learn more about how it works here.