TV shows make it look so easy.  The rehab takes just a week, tenants are easy to find and they always pay on time, right?  Not in the real world!  Rehabs always take longer than expected, cost more than expected, good tenants are hard to find, and even harder to get them to pay on time.  Repair requests, clogged sinks and toilets, noisy neighbor complaints and more make managing a rental hard.  Add in the cost of taxes and insurance and there goes a lot or all of  your income.  Wasn’t it suppose to be an income property?

hand us your house

We know how it goes.   We hear these stories every week.  This is one of the reasons why 800-BUY-KWIK is the go to source for landlords tired of their rentals.  We buy kwik and we offer a fair price.  We close kwik – in a week if you want!  If you just can’t take it another day, give us a call.  Let us solve your problem.  We will make it easy for you.  Be on your way with no worries and with a lighter load on your shoulders!