With the housing market recovering, the number of homes currently for sale has drastically increased. Although people are back to buying houses, there are so many houses on the market that your house can sit on the market for weeks, if not months.

Instead of sitting around waiting for a buyer to walk up to your door, you need to look into creative ways to sell your home. The more creative you are, the more likely your home is to be noticed. And lets face it the more your house is noticed, the more traffic you will have, which increases the number of potential buyers.

What can you do?

Use Celebrity Cutouts In order to sell your home you need to get people talking about it. One of the best ways to get people talking about your home is to do something that grabs their attention in a big way, which is right where celebrity cutouts come in. You can purchase these life size cutouts online and use them to stage areas of your home. Your online pictures will cause potential buyers to stop and look closer at what you are offering, as the celebrity cutouts will demand attention in a sea of photos.

Use Banners Everybody selling a home places a for sale sign in their yard. In some neighborhoods it seems like every other house has one rooted in place. If you want to grab somebodys attention you need to go bigger than just a sign in the yard.

Consider attaching a banner to the front of your home that includes a picture of your home as well as contact information about purchasing the home. You can order banners anywhere from 3 to 8 feet from numerous places online, but you should check into any sign restrictions your city might have first.

Making the Holidays Work for You

No matter how much you might try to avoid it, sometimes your house will still be on the market during the holidays. Rather than pull your home from the market, you need to make the holidays work to your advantage. A great example of how you can make the holidays work for you is to hire a Santa to take pictures with kids who come with their families.

Host a Charitable Event One of the quickest ways to get people talking is to do something that is aimed at helping others. Open houses are part of selling your home, but rather than host another boring open house, turn it into a charitable event.

In the months leading up to the holidays you can even host a food or toy drive. The bigger your event, the more traffic you will draw to your open house.

Creative Staging

Staging the home is a routine part of any Realtors plan to sell a home. They set up rooms to show your house in its best light possible through pictures, but those pictures are a dime a dozen. People often sort through them on auto-pilot. You need to do some different staging to grab peoples attention; you want to do something that will make them stop on your pictures. Instead of creating a perfectly designed room to show potential buyers, you should use friends or relatives to show potential buyers how people can actually use and enjoy a particular room in your house.