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I moved out. Do I still own my home?

Do I Still Own My Home After I Moved

This is one of those interesting questions that we get that can apply to a variety of different situations. In trying to answer this question we need to look at a few different scenarios. Obviously

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5 Creative Ways to Sell Your Home

5 Creative Ways to Sell Your House

With the housing market recovering, the number of homes currently for sale has drastically increased. Although people are back to buying houses, there are so many houses on the market that your house c

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Should I Sell My Rental Property to Pay Off Debt


It is all too easy to find yourself drowning in debt. If you have rental property and are drowning in debt you have probably asked yourself numerous times ˜Should I sell my rental property to pay off debt? It is a valid question to ask, as paying off debt can

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5 Ways to Get Out of Your House. Is it too late to sell my house?


When it comes to selling your home you need to resist the urge to list the house for the price that you want because that is not always what it is worth. Just because your neighbor sold their house fo

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What to expect when you face a tax sale


homeowner one of your numerous responsibilities includes paying property taxes each year. In many cases property taxes are collected by the lender as part of the regular monthly payment and then t

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I want out of my house now. Sell quickly now!

Sell House Now

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the perfect post for you. No matter if it is the peak home buying season or not, there are plenty of things that you can to help sell your home

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How do tax sales work?


If you are behind on property taxes, you run the real risk of being faced with a tax sale. If you’re wondering, “how do tax sales work”, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In real estate there are two types of tax sales: tax lien and tax deed. The only similarities between these two types of tax sales is that they both involve unpaid property taxes. Each type of tax sale wor

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home


If you have made it here, chances are pretty good that you are thinking about selling your home. Thinking about selling your home always comes with plenty of questions. We’ve broken down the process by putting together 5 things you need to know before selling your home to help you go from just thinking about it, to really going through with it.

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Should I Consider a Short Sale


Nobody ever buys a house thinking they are going to end up in foreclosure, but sometimes the worst things happen to the best of people. If you have found yourself facing the threat of foreclosure, you have probably started looking into what options you have to avoid foreclosure. One of the most talked about options is a short sale. Now you’re probably thinking, “should I consider a short sale?” While short sales might not be for everyone, it is something that you should seriously consider.

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What are the Effects of Foreclosure?


Foreclosure is one of those scary words that homeowners never want to hear, but sadly it is a term that thousands of homeowners have heard over the last several years. While most homeowners are aware of what a foreclosure is, they are not always aware of the effects of foreclosure. If you or somebody you know is facing a foreclosure, please read on to find out what kind of effects the foreclosure can have on not just you, but your neighbors as well.

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