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How to Sell a Distressed Property in Sacramento

how to sell distressed house in Sacramento

Preparing to sell a distressed property seems like a daunting task if you don’t know where to begin. However, there are some ways to shed light on the matter and move you in the right direction. Once you know how to sell a distressed property in Sacramento, your success will be liberating! 5 Suggestions for […]

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Sprucing Up Your Home’s Exterior

spruce up home's exterior

Now that winter is over and the sun is really beginning to shine, you want your house to shine just as brightly. There are several ways to spruce up your home’s exterior. As March is coming to a close, you might want to start planning your projects for spring so that you can enjoy the […]

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Getting Your Patio or Deck Ready for Summer

Getting Your Patio or Deck Ready for Summer

Ah, summer. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the flowers have bloomed in all their colorful glory. It’s a wonderful time of year. A time when nature sings. A time when the last thing you want is to be stuck indoors. Now, however, it’s spring. Now is the perfect time to get […]

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2018 Kitchen Renovations That Yield the Best ROI

2018 Kitchen Renovations That Yield the Best ROI

So, now that spring is finally here, and you can keep the windows open for longer than twenty seconds without freezing to death, it’s time to start that kitchen remodel you’ve wanted to do since you moved in. However, you’re a smart home-owner. You don’t want to sink a bunch of money into it that […]

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Tackle the Move Yourself or Hire a Professional?

move yourself or hire professionals 2

A lot of people figure they can handle most things themselves, as long as they have the know-how. However, there’s a lot that goes into the average house-move that people don’t consider, and it can take a lot more work than people really anticipate. To that end, there are several ways to pull off the […]

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Best Sacramento Neighborhoods to Call Home

best sacramento neighborhoods

Picking which neighborhood to move into can be tricky, especially because each neighborhood tends to be quite different, each one appealing to a particular type of person. So, on top of pricing and safety, you’re looking for the right place to call home. Well, you’re in luck when you’re moving to Sacramento because each neighborhood […]

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Using Home Design Trends of 2018 to Help Sell Your House

home design trends of 2018 to help sell your house

Home Design Trends of 2018 Selling your house can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be! Making a few simple changes to your home decor can help your house sell faster. Potential buyers will see your house as more appealing if you use these 5 home design trends of 2018. Top 5 […]

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How to Sell Your Home at Auction

how to sell your home at auction

In this day and age, there are many different ways to sell your home. While using a realtor is still the most popular option when selling a house, it’s worth exploring alternatives to see if there is a better fit for your needs. One of those possible options is to sell your home at auction. […]

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Tax Deductions for Homeowners in 2018

tax deductions for homeowners in 2017

If you’re new to the world of homeownership, you may not be fully aware of the tax benefits you are now entitled to. You could be pleasantly surprised at how much money you’re eligible to get back. So as you’re preparing your taxes for 2018, be sure to keep in mind these tax deductions for […]

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What does it mean when you sell a house as is?

sell a house as is meaning

When talking real estate, many often wonder, "What does it mean when you sell a house as it?" Well, it's much like it sounds. No repairs are made by the seller, cash is usually offered by the buyer and the sale closes quickly. Selling a house as is can be a fast and economical option [...] Read More

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